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Mobile Services

We develop (mobile) services and game-concepts within the entertainment industry.

Real Prizes

We offer real prizes in both fixed time-periods as random moments.

Customer service

Actively running services in 7 countries we offer localized or English-spoken customer support.

Customer Satisfaction

We are proud of our products and services. Are you not satisfied by what we offer? Contact us!

About us

Domicom is a start-up located in British Overseas territory. We are specialized in the development of unique entertainment- and download services. Our expertise reaches from on-line video, app download to gaming. In all our products the (mobile) phone has a centralized aspect within our business. We strongly believe in its central position in people's lives.

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You can easily contact our organisation through e-mail support@domicomltd.com or by phone in the United Kingdom 0330 - 3326254

Domicom Ltd.
Heywood House
South Hill, Anguilla

Business Registration: 2378019

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